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......@@ -9,11 +9,6 @@ This docker image and configuration is my simple version of a wireguard personal
In my use case, I'm running the wireguard docker image on a free-tier Google Cloud Platform debian virtual machine and connect to it with Android, Linux, and a GL-Inet router as clients.
## Build
docker build -t wireguard:local github.com/cmulk/wireguard-docker
## Run
### First Run
If the wireguard kernel module is not already installed on the __host__ system, use this first run command to install it:
......@@ -89,3 +84,14 @@ volumes:
driver: local
## Build
Since the images are already on Docker Hub, you only need to do this if you want to change something
git clone https://github.com/cmulk/wireguard-docker.git
cd wireguard-docker
git checkout stretch
git checkout buster
docker build -t wireguard:local .
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