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<title> - Privacy Policy</title>
<h1>Privacy Policy</h1>
<h2>Legal structure</h2>
<p> is run by a private person which is a citizen of <a href="">Finland</a>.</p>
<h2>Legal orders</h2>
<p> complies to legal orders according to Finnish law. We publish legal orders at <a href="/transparency/">our transparency page</a> unless prohibited to do so.</p>
<h2>Location of stored data</h2>
<p>Servers that store user data are located in:</p>
<li>United States*</li>
<p>* Only authoritative nameservers and CDN nodes (see below)</p>
<p>We do not use third-party content delivery networks ("CDNs"), instead we use our custom self-hosted CDN, with nodes in following locations:</p>
<li>New York, NY, US</li>
<li>Las Vegas, NV, US</li>
<p>Our CDN nodes do not log any requests at the edge. Logging that may be enabled for some domains is handled on the backend (see section <a href="#wwwlogs">Webserver logs</a> below).</p>
<p id="cdn-connection">Your client is currently connected to: <code id="cdn-node">loading</code><noscript>Requires JS</noscript>.</p>
<p>You <noscript>can</noscript><span class="jsonly">also may</span> check which server your client is connected to, by visiting <a href=""><code></code></a>.</p>
#cdn-node, #cdn-connection, .jsonly {
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<script src="/privacy/script.js"></script>
<h2>Service-specific policies</h2>
<li><a href="">UpdateWatch</a></li>
<li><a href="/resolver/#privacy-policy">DNS resolvers</a></li>
<h3>Open BitTorrent Tracker</h3>
<p>No logs (other than <a href="/tracker/#stats">statistics</a>) are made. Configuration files can be found from <a href="/tracker/conf/">here</a>.</p>
<a name="searx"></a><h3>Searx</h3>
<p>Data <strong>not</strong> collected:</p>
<li>Your IP address (<a href="">not sent to Searx web server</a>)</li>
<li>Your search query<br />
Keep in mind though, that the engines may save your query, you can adjust engines on <a href="">preferences</a> (<a href="">fi</a>) page
The engines won't get your IP address though, only ours.</li>
<li>Access logs and error logs are disabled.</li>
<h3>Gitea (<code></code>)</h3>
<p>Data we collect:</p>
<li>Data you give us, such as your email address, username, etc.</li>
<li>Your IP address (access & error logs)</li>
<p>Please note that the email address you use for commits is public (available through <code>git log</code>).</p>
<h3>Free authoritative DNS</h3>
<p>The master and slave servers don't collect any access log data that we are aware of. Statistics data (amount of queries) may be collected.</p>
<a name="email"></a><h3>E-mail</h3>
<p>Our email server is located in Luxembourg, owned by <a href="">Frantech</a> (based in Canada).</p>
<p>Email transmission logs are kept indefinitely.</p>
<a name="wwwlogs"></a><h3>Webserver logs</h3>
<p>Please use <a href="">Tor</a> or other network privacy tools (such as VPNs, proxies) to hide your IP address from my webservers if you are concerned about collection of IP addresses.</p>
<p><strong>No</strong> access logs or error logs are made for the following domains:</p>
<li><code></code> (redirection)</li>
<li><code></code> (<a href="/tracker/conf/nginx.conf">conf</a>)</li>
<li><code></code> (<a href="/tracker/conf/nginx.conf">conf</a>)</li>
<p>Anonymized access & error logs (+ no IP sent to backend) are enabled for the following domains:</p>
<li><code></code> (going to be changed!)</li>
<li><code></code> (going to be changed!)</li>
<p>Access and error logs are enabled for following domains:</p>
<li><code></code> (reason: shared hosting, can't turn off)</li>
<li><code></code> (going to be changed!)</li>
<li><code></code> (going to be changed!)</li>
<li><code></code> (control panel)</li>
<p>CSP report endpoint (<code></code>) may log your IP and other metadata (such as browser, operating system, etc.).<br />
See <a href="">Report URI's privacy policy</a> for more information.
Please block CSP reporting using <a href="">uBlock Origin</a> to prevent this.</p>
<p>Error logs may save your IP address.</p>
<h2>Deletion of data</h2>
<p>To delete your data, some services have built-in tools to delete it. You also may contact us at <a href=" of stored data"></a>.</p>
<h2>Export your data</h2>
<p>Some services allow self-export of data. For other services, contact us at <a href=" of stored data"></a>.</p>
<h2>Contact us</h2>
<p>If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at <a href=" about Privacy Policy"></a>.</p>
<h2>Changes to Privacy Policy</h2>
<p>We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy.</p>
<h2>Last modified</h2>
<li><a href="/privacy/history/">Revision history</a></li>
<a href="/"></a>
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