Unverified Commit ba7493a8 authored by Ben Busby's avatar Ben Busby
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Add healthcheck to Dockerfile

See #184
parent d447e500
......@@ -62,4 +62,7 @@ COPY run .
HEALTHCHECK --interval=5m --timeout=5s \
CMD wget --no-verbose --tries=1 http://localhost:${EXPOSE_PORT}/ || exit 1
CMD config/tor/start-tor.sh & ./run
......@@ -38,8 +38,8 @@ def has_ad_content(element: str) -> bool:
bool: True/False for the element containing an ad
return element.upper() in (value.upper() for value in BLACKLIST) \
or 'ⓘ' in element
return (element.upper() in (value.upper() for value in BLACKLIST)
or 'ⓘ' in element)
def get_first_link(soup: BeautifulSoup) -> str:
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