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This series of commands can take a while, but once you run it once, you shouldn't have to run it again. The final command, `heroku open` will launch a tab in your web browser, where you can test out Whoogle and even [set it as your primary search engine](https://github.com/benbusby/whoogle#set-whoogle-as-your-primary-search-engine).
You may also edit environment variables from your app’s Settings tab in the Heroku Dashboard.
#### Arch Linux & Arch-based Distributions
There is an [AUR package available](https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/whoogle-git/), as well as a pre-built and daily updated package available at [Chaotic-AUR](https://chaotic.cx).
#### Using your own server, or alternative container deployment
There are other methods for deploying docker containers that are well outlined in [this article](https://rollout.io/blog/the-shortlist-of-docker-hosting/), but there are too many to describe set up for each here. Generally it should be about the same amount of effort as the Heroku deployment.
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