Unverified Commit 7e39b4e7 authored by Ben Busby's avatar Ben Busby
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Fix default site alts in Dockerfile

The Dockerfile was incorrectly assigning an empty string to the site alt
values, which caused the filter to update relevant sites with an empty
host. This replaces the empty string with the correct domain for each
site alternative.
parent fad937fe
......@@ -39,11 +39,11 @@ ENV HTTPS_ONLY=$use_https
ARG whoogle_port=5000
ENV EXPOSE_PORT=$whoogle_port
ARG twitter_alt=''
ARG twitter_alt='nitter.net'
ENV WHOOGLE_ALT_TW=$twitter_alt
ARG youtube_alt=''
ARG youtube_alt='invidious.snopyta.org'
ENV WHOOGLE_ALT_YT=$youtube_alt
ARG instagram_alt=''
ARG instagram_alt='bibliogram.art/u'
ENV WHOOGLE_ALT_YT=$instagram_alt
COPY . .
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