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Handle proxy unwraps

parent 4173362c
......@@ -19,8 +19,8 @@ pub async fn handler(req: Request<()>, format: &str, params: Vec<&str>) -> tide:
/// Relays the `Content-Length` and `Content-Type` header.
async fn request(url: String) -> tide::Result {
// Parse url into parts
let parts = Url::parse(&url).unwrap();
let host = parts.host().unwrap().to_string();
let parts = Url::parse(&url)?;
let host = parts.host().map(|host| host.to_string()).unwrap_or_default();
let domain = parts.domain().unwrap_or_default();
let path = format!("{}?{}", parts.path(), parts.query().unwrap_or_default());
// Build reddit-compliant user agent for Libreddit
......@@ -36,17 +36,17 @@ async fn request(url: String) -> tide::Result {
let connector = TlsConnector::default();
// Open a TCP connection
let tcp_stream = TcpStream::connect(format!("{}:443", domain)).await.unwrap();
let tcp_stream = TcpStream::connect(format!("{}:443", domain)).await?;
// Use the connector to start the handshake process
let mut tls_stream = connector.connect(domain, tcp_stream).await.unwrap();
let mut tls_stream = connector.connect(domain, tcp_stream).await?;
// Write the aforementioned HTTP request to the stream
// And read the response
let mut writer = Vec::new();
io::copy(&mut tls_stream, &mut writer).await.unwrap();
io::copy(&mut tls_stream, &mut writer).await?;
// Find the delimiter which separates the body and headers
match (0..writer.len()).find(|i| writer[i.to_owned()] == 10_u8 && writer[i - 2] == 10_u8) {
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