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......@@ -639,6 +639,7 @@ _Some [Content Management System](#content-management-systems-cms) and [Archivin
- [The Epube](https://tt-rss.org/the-epube) - Self-hosted web EPUB reader using EPUB.js, Bootstrap, and Calibre. ([Source Code](https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/the-epube)) `GPL-3.0` `PHP`
- [Komga](https://komga.org) - Media server for comics/mangas/BDs with API and OPDS support, a modern web interface for exploring your libraries, as well as a web reader. ([Source Code](https://github.com/gotson/komga)) `MIT` `Java/Docker`
- [Mango](https://github.com/hkalexling/Mango) - Manga server and web reader with a built-in MangaDex downloader. `MIT` `Crystal`
- [pyShelf](https://pyshelf.com) - Lightweight Ebook Server. ([Source Code](https://github.com/th3r00t/pyShelf)) `GPL-3.0` `Python`
### Enterprise-class library management software.
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