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Adding FlashPaper to Pastebins
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......@@ -1183,6 +1183,7 @@ _See also [Wikis](#wikis)_
- [EdPaste](https://github.com/Edraens/EdPaste) - Self-hosted pastebin written in Laravel (PHP Framework). `MIT` `PHP`
- [fiche](https://github.com/solusipse/fiche) - Command line pastebin, all you need is netcat. ([Demo](http://termbin.com/)) `MIT` `C`
- [filite](https://github.com/raftario/filite) - A simple, light and standalone pastebin, URL shortener and file-sharing service. ([Demo](https://filite.raphaeltheriault.com)) `MIT` `Rust`
- [FlashPaper](https://github.com/AndrewPaglusch/FlashPaper) - A one-time encrypted zero-knowledge password/secret sharing application focused on simplicity and security. No database or complicated set-up required. ([Demo](https://flashpaper.io)) `MIT` `PHP`
- [Fugacious](https://fugacio.us) - Open source short-term secure messaging (OSSSM). ([Source Code](https://github.com/fugacious/fugacious)) `CC0-1.0` `Ruby`
- [Hastebin](https://haste.zneix.eu/about.md) - Open source pastebin written in Node.js (This is a fork with extended maintenance). ([Demo](https://haste.zneix.eu), [Source Code](https://github.com/zneix/haste-server)) `MIT` `Node.js`
- [mojopaste](http://search.cpan.org/dist/App-mojopaste/) - Perl based pastebin. ([Demo](http://p.thorsen.pm/), [Source Code](https://github.com/jhthorsen/app-mojopaste)) `Artistic-2.0` `Perl`
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