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NewPipe Extractor [![Build Status](](
# NewPipe Extractor [![Build Status](](
NewPipe Extractor is a library for extracting things from streaming sites.
This is the system independent core of [NewPipe](
It can be used to create your own java based NewPipe client.
## Usage
A small example showing how to use the extractor can be found [here](
NewPipe Extractor is available at JitPack's Maven repo.
## Usage
Using this Extractor in your own open source projects is simple. We offer this extractor as maven repository, so if you use
gradle you can simple include NewPipeExtractor to your project by adding this line to the dependencies:
If you're using Gradle, you could add NewPipe Extractor as a dependency with the following steps:
`compile 'com.github.TeamNewPipe:NewPipeExtractor:7ae274`
1. Add `maven { url '' }` to the `repositories` in your `build.gradle`.
2. Add `compile 'com.github.TeamNewPipe:NewPipeExtractor:82ae72900a'`the `dependencies` in your `build.gradle`. Replace `82ae72900a` with the latest commit.
A fill documentation is no yet there, but it will follow :) Stay tuned.
## Supported sites
The following sites are currently supported:
- YouTube
- SoundCloud
## License
[![GNU GPLv3 Image](](
NewPipe is Free Software: You can use, study share and improve it at your
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