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Add GeographicRestrictionException and SoundCloudGoPlusException in NewPipe...

Add GeographicRestrictionException and SoundCloudGoPlusException in NewPipe Extractor to be able to display different error messages

This commit adds two new exceptions in NewPipe Extractor: GeographicRestrictionException and SoundCloudGoPlusException (which extend to ContentNotAvailableException). These exceptions allow showing different error messages to user when a content isn't available in his/her/its country (only used for now by SoundCloudStreamExtractor) or when the content is a SoundCloud Go+ track.
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package org.schabi.newpipe.extractor.exceptions;
public class GeographicRestrictionException extends ContentNotAvailableException {
public GeographicRestrictionException(String message) {
public GeographicRestrictionException(String message, Throwable cause) {
super(message, cause);
package org.schabi.newpipe.extractor.exceptions;
public class SoundCloudGoPlusException extends ContentNotAvailableException {
public SoundCloudGoPlusException() {
super("This track is a SoundCloud Go+ track");
public SoundCloudGoPlusException(Throwable cause) {
super("This track is a SoundCloud Go+ track", cause);
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -12,7 +12,9 @@ import org.schabi.newpipe.extractor.downloader.Downloader;
import org.schabi.newpipe.extractor.exceptions.ContentNotAvailableException;
import org.schabi.newpipe.extractor.exceptions.ContentNotSupportedException;
import org.schabi.newpipe.extractor.exceptions.ExtractionException;
import org.schabi.newpipe.extractor.exceptions.GeographicRestrictionException;
import org.schabi.newpipe.extractor.exceptions.ParsingException;
import org.schabi.newpipe.extractor.exceptions.SoundCloudGoPlusException;
import org.schabi.newpipe.extractor.linkhandler.LinkHandler;
import org.schabi.newpipe.extractor.localization.DateWrapper;
import org.schabi.newpipe.extractor.services.soundcloud.SoundcloudParsingHelper;
......@@ -43,6 +45,12 @@ public class SoundcloudStreamExtractor extends StreamExtractor {
String policy = track.getString("policy", EMPTY_STRING);
if (!policy.equals("ALLOW") && !policy.equals("MONETIZE")) {
if (policy.equals("SNIP")) {
throw new SoundCloudGoPlusException();
if (policy.equals("BLOCK")) {
throw new GeographicRestrictionException("This track is not available in user's country");
throw new ContentNotAvailableException("Content not available: policy " + policy);
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